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A l'issue de cette formation, les candidats certifiés seront capables de :

At the end of the programme, students should be able to:
  • Understand what blockchain is, how it works and what it represents for the financial industry.
  • Know how to classify cryptoassets and how they are affected by current regulation.
  • Understand how cryptoassets trading and custody services work.
  • Analyse how the regulation and taxation affecting this type of asset is being constructed.
  • Learn the differences between DeFi (decentralised finance) and TradFi (traditional finance).
  • Discover the particularities of NFTs and the new business opportunities offered by the Metaverse.

Conditions d'admission

Publics cibles :

  • Crypto asset manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Others professionals of finance

Modalités de recrutement :

  • Meeting with the SFAF head of learning

Prérequis à l'entrée en formation :

  • Anyone

Modalités d'accès :

All year round


Programme de la formation :

Module 1 : Blockchain technology (10h)

Characteristics and key concepts of blockchain technology :
  • Centralized versus distributed systems
  • The blockchain protocol versus the TCP/IP protocol
  • What are the DLTs and how are they related to blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain : an internet value

Module 2 : Types of crypto assets and basic regulation (10h)

  • Legal classifications of types of crypto assets
  • Basic regulation of each type of cryptoactive
  • Cryptocurrencies as crypto assets 1.0

Module 3 : Products and services of crypto assets (10h)

  • Asset tokenization
  • Financial services in crypto : buying and selling
  • Financial services in crypto : custody

Module 4 : Regulation and money laundering : MiCA effect and AML5 (10h)

  • Compliance regime and specific measures in PBC
  • MiCA analysis
  • Taxation of crypto assets

Module 5 : Decentralized finance (DeFi) and news trends and investment (10h)

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • NFTs and metaverses
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)

Durée de la formation :

50 heures d'activités pédagogiques.

Parcours de formation

Modalités pédagogiques :

  • Learning Management system access during 4 months. (7/7 and 24/24)

Langues d'enseignement :


Certification professionnelle

Reconnaissance du titre - International :

  • European certification from EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies)

Modalités d'évaluation :

EFFAS International certification

Dates des sessions d'examen :

11 mars 2024 - 10 juin 2024 - 23 sept 2024 - 09 Déc 2024

Informations pratiques

Frais de formation - Tarifs :

390 € HT - 468 € TTC

Modalités de financement :


OPCO Entreprise


Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap :

This training is accessible to people with disabilities. Contacting our disability advisor will enable us to establish a diagnosis of potential difficulties and to implement adaptation measures. You can contact our disability advisor by email at the following address: agoyer@sfaf.com

Voies d’accès :

Adresse : 5-7 Avenue Percier à 75008 PARIS

Accès piétons :

Station « Miromesnil »

Station « La Boétie»

Station « St Philippe du Roule »

Station « Haussmann – Miromesnil »

Accès VELIB :

n°8 025 au 39 rue de Miromesnil

Accès voitures

Accès rapide à PARIS et au Bd Périphérique, à l’A86, l’A1 et l’A15

Parking Public à proximité

- Parking Zenpark - 55 rue de la Boetie - Paris 8ème Arr

- Parking Haussmann Berri - 155 Bd haussmann - Paris 8ème Arr

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