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CESGA® – Certified ESG Analyst

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L’utilisation des facteurs environnementaux, sociaux et de gouvernance dans les décisions d’investissement amène à un investissement responsable, afin de mieux manager le risque et ainsi générer des profits durables sur le long terme.

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The first part is an introduction for capital market participants with ESG experience that would like to build up or refresh the fundamentals of ESG as well as for those with no or little experience in ESG investment.

  • ESG – an Introduction
  1. Where do we stand (summary of market trends (AuM, regulation, big picture) 
  2. Definitions and Developments 
  3. ESG strategies 
  4. Profit or purpose? Both!
  • Recent Developments of ESG integration 
  1. Market DriverBarriers to ESG 
  2. Regulatory Framework (e.g. HLEG, EU) Investor Demand and Initiatives 
  3. Empirical Evidence about ESG and performance
  • ESG in different asset classes 
  1. Private Equity 
  2. Green Bonds 
  3. Real Estate 
  4. Fixed income
  •  ESG Reporting (with a more European orientation). 
  1. Voluntary and mandatory regimes 
  2. Reporting frameworks (GRI, EFFAS, TCFD, CDP, Integrated Reporting)
  • Investment Process Chain 
  1. Macro Research and Asset allocation 
  2. Company Analysis 
  3. Portfolio construction
  4. Trading
  5. Portfolio & Risk Analytics
  6. Compliance and reporting
  7. Engagement & voting


This part is tailor made for advanced ESG user.

  • Approaches of data analysis: Data availability, quality and usage
  1. Disclosure and Data Source
  2. Concept of materiality
  3. Identification of ESG value drivers
  4. Measurement of ESG value drivers


  • ESG Integration in Analysis
  1. Analysis of governance, controversies;
  2. Analysis of E and S : sector specific
  3. Analysis of the way the issuer is taking them into account (objectives, means, KPI, follow-up, reporting, control…)
  4. Sectorial comparison
  5. Consistency with the business model
  6. Inclusion into accounting, risk premium, cash flow


  • ESG Integration in Valuation
  1. Different valuation models
  2. Critical analysis of the models


  • Investment decision in the context of the investment process chain
  1. Asset Allocation
  2. Security Selection process
  3. Portfolio construction
  4. Investment decision

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