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The end of ‘Globalization’? Economic Policy in the Post-Neocon Age

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The end of ‘Globalization’? Economic Policy in the Post-Neocon Age
Analyse financière n°60 Juillet – Août – Septembre 2016

Par M. Nicolas J. Firzli, WPC

The stunning defeat of the ‘Remain camp’ in the Brexit referendum in the UK and the surprise ‘discursive dominance’ of Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump throughout the presidential primaries cycle on the other side of the Atlantic have shaken the  neoconservative-consumerist policy consensus in Berlin and Brussels. A new consensus seems to be emerging amongst British, American and French experts, one that favors ambitious developmentalism, modern infrastructure investment and the defense of native workers’ rights including pensions over lawless ‘free trade’ and regulatory overreach.

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