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SRI: Should one put an end to Kantian ethic?

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SRI: Should one put an end to Kantian ethic?
Analyse financière n°69 Octobre – Novembre – Décembre 2018
Techniques et Recherche
Entretien avec Hilde Jervan, Norwegian Government Pension Fund, et Jérôme Courcier, ORSE

For Immanuel Kant, a morally good action is an action made only by duty, that is to say, a completely selfless action, as indeed, it is when we subordinate the moral law to our own self-interest, that we become “radically bad”. However, today, as many believe that the “common good of humankind” is the future of business, it may seem desirable to change this paradigm. This question, rich of many developments, is here debated by two practitioners and SRI experts : Hilde Jervan, Chief Advisor at the Council on Ethics of the Norwegian government pension fund, and Jérôme Courcier, board member of ORSE , the French Study Centre on CSR.


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